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Is it safe to go swimming while wearing my Halo?Updated 5 months ago

Elevate your look with the confidence of your ThatHair Halo Set, a high-quality extension crafted for elegance and ease. While these extensions are designed with precision and care, we recommend refraining from swimming with them to ensure their longevity and your satisfaction.

Why Swimming is Not Advisable

Discover the reasons behind the recommendation:

  • Secure Fit for Style: ThatHair Halo Set is meticulously crafted for a secure fit on your head, using your natural hair without the need for weaving, clips, or glue. This design ensures a seamless and stylish appearance.
  • Potential Shifting in Water: When you immerse your head in water, the extensions may not stay securely in place as intended. There is a possibility of them floating up or shifting, resembling the way they are designed to be removed.
  • External Factors Impacting Extensions: The primary concern is not with the extensions themselves but with external factors. Saltwater, in particular, can have detrimental effects on the product, potentially compromising its integrity and beauty.

Preserving ThatHair Halo Set: A Gentle Reminder

Maintain the allure of your extensions with thoughtful care:

  • Appreciate the Quality: Your Strands Halo Set is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Admire and enjoy the elegance it adds to your style on various occasions.
  • External Factors Impacting Extensions: While the extensions are resilient, external factors such as saltwater can pose challenges. It's the care and consideration for the product's well-being that guide our recommendation against swimming.
  • Optimal Care for Longevity: Preserve the longevity of your extensions by avoiding activities that may compromise their quality. Embrace the beauty of your ThatHair Halo Set in settings that align with its design.

Your Halo is a statement of style and sophistication, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. While it enhances your look effortlessly, we encourage you to cherish and protect it by avoiding activities like swimming. This ensures that your extensions maintain their quality, allowing you to showcase their beauty with confidence and pride.

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