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Can I dye my ThatHair Halo Set?Updated 5 months ago

Hair extensions are a fun way to change up your look instantly! Our Halo Extension Set is special because it uses something called Kanekalon® fibers. These fibers look and feel just like real hair, but there's a catch - you can't dye them like you would with natural hair. This is because the fibers are made differently and don't change color when you use regular hair dye.

Why Can't You Dye These Extensions?

Kanekalon® fibers are great for making hair extensions because they're strong, look real, and can handle a bit of heat. But, they don't work with hair dye the same way your natural hair does. Hair dye needs to get inside the hair to change its color, but it can't do that with these synthetic fibers. If you try to dye them, it could ruin the extensions.

Lots of Colors to Choose From!

Even though you can't dye them, Thathair has made sure you won't run out of options. They offer 24 different colors of extensions! With so many choices, you're sure to find a color that you love and that matches your style perfectly.

Need Help Picking a Color? Just Ask!

Choosing the right color from so many options might seem tough, but Thathair makes it easy. They offer a free service to help you find the best color match for your hair. This way, you can be sure that your new extensions will look as natural as possible.

Easy Color Exchanges

What if the color you picked isn't quite right when you see it in person? Thathair has you covered with an easy exchange policy. If the color doesn't match perfectly, you can swap it for a different one without any hassle.

Disclaimer: ThatHair is not liable for any damage caused by improper dyeing of the product.

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